The Team

Space Rocks UK is a consortium of members around the UK, and beyond! Click on a team member's photo for more information.

Dr Natasha Stephen

(Imperial College London, UK)

Dr Stephen Grimes

(University of Plymouth, UK)

Cesca Willcocks

(University of Leicester, UK)

Megan Hammett

(University of Manchester, UK)

Dr Leanne Staddon

(University of St Andrews, UK)

Space Rocks - USA

Dr Jen Mitchell

(University of Minnesota, USA)

Aidan Ross

(University of New Mexico, USA)

Space Rocks - Australia

Dr Helen Brand

(ANSTO, Melbourne)

Prof Andy TomkinsĀ 

(Monash University, Melbourne)

Dr Andrew Langendam

(ANSTO, Melbourne)

Tahnee Burke

(Monash University, Melbourne)

Past Students

Megan Hammett

Rebecca Garnett

Connor King

Callum Mullet-Nice

Jake Graves

Sean Batter

Luke Silezin

Cat Woolford

Jen Mitchell

Phil Hallam

Andy Whyte

Jamie Roberts