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The formation and aqueous alteration of CM2 chondrites

Carbonaceous chondrites (CCs) are extra-terrestrial samples that have provided a wealth of information about early solar system processes. From a historical perspective, the recovery and subsequent intensive investigation of several key CC falls, such as Allende (CV3; Clarke Jr. et al., 1971; McCoy & Corrigan, 2021) and Murchison (CM2; Fuchs et al., 1973; Zolensky et al., 2021) have been particularly important events. The study of Allende highlighted the importance of refractory inclusions (Grossman, 1980), while Murchison illuminated the complexity present in extraterrestrial organic matter (Schmitt-Kopplin et al., 2010). As a consequence, a well-observed CC fall, particularly one that has been collected rapidly on arrival, is an event of great significance, with the potential to provide important new insights into early solar system processes.

Recovery and Curation of the Winchcombe (CM2) meteorite

Russell et al. (2023) MaPS

The fusion crust of the Winchcombe meteorite

Genge et al. (2023) MaPS

Winchcombe – regolith breccia from a rubble-pile asteroid

Suttle et al. (2022) MaPS

The Winchcombe Meteorite; from the Outer Solar System

King et al. (2022) Science Advances

Lonsdaleite-Diamond formation in Ureilite meteorites

Tomkins et al. (2022) PNAS

CHOS gas/fluid-induced reduction in Ureilites

Langendam et al. (2021) MaPS

Dating the age of the martian mafic crust

Staddon et al. (2021) GCA

petrologic history of gabbroic shergottite NWA 6963

Wenzel et al. (2021) MaPS

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