The Science

As scientists, we try to publish our results in journals and make the data accessible in the public domain. Please follow the links below to discover the topics we are currently working on, read some of the latest papers coming out of Space Rocks, or browse some of our recent opportunities to get involved.

Discover recent journal articles and other publications from members of the Space Rocks UK team.

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Meteorite Classification

Chondrite Meteorites

Achondrite Meteorites

Mars & Martian Meteorites

HEDs & Vesta

In-Situ Resource Utilisation (ISRU)

Upcoming & Recent Public Lectures

Public lecture: To Bennu & Back 

How we use asteroids to reveal the geological history of the solar system

Dr Ashley King (Natural History Museum, London)

This public lecture will be held on the 2nd of April 2024 in person at Burlington House in London and online via Zoom and YouTube. Find out more & register for free here (registration required).

Current Opportunities

Each year we offer a number of research projects for students to join the Space Rocks UK team, either at undergraduate or postgraduate level. Please check out our list of current opportunities below, and see what past students have been up to here. If you have an idea for your own research project, please reach out to our team and we'd be happy to discuss options with you. 

PhD Studentship - Imperial

Meteorites & ISRU on the Moon & Mars

Imperial College London, October 2024 for 3.5 years

This project aims to ground-truth NASA & ESA analogues, alongside the identification & classification of new, terrestrial analogues that could provide a better fit to Mars’ surface geology, enabling new research into the suitability of materials for both scientific investigation and off-world construction for the future of sustainable space exploration. 

Find out more here.

Planetary Science Education Assistant 

Full-time (12 month post) funded by the UK Space Agency

This new education assistant will help the Geological Society develop schools and career resources for young people, create tactile handling resource boxes including meteorites, 3D-printed asteroid models, rocks and minerals, and help with us schools and #outreach events.

Want to know more? Know someone that might like to apply? Find out more on the GeolSoc website, or get in touch! 👩‍🚀

Areas of current research

Formation & evolution of asteroid 4-Vesta

Volcanoes of the Solar System

Lava flows vs crystal settling throughout the Solar System

Exploring asteroid mantle dynamics

ISRU; getting ready for humans on the Moon

Geology of the Moon & Mars

Winchcombe; the UK meteorite

Meteorite Recovery & Classification

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