MetSoc 2022 - Glasgow, Scotland

The 85th Annual Meeting of the Meteoritical SOciety

Jen, Cesca, Leanne, Megan, and Natasha all attended the annual meeting of the Meteoritical Society (aka 'MetSoc') in August 2022, hosted by the University of Glasgow in Scotland, UK.

There was a lot of meteorite science to be had, with no fewer than ten abstracts submitted to the meeting covering HEDs, Martian analogue materials, and all the Winchcombe discoveries!

Read the accepted abstracts for each presentation below:

Northwest Africa 6414 classified after 10 years: A complex polymict eucrite of at least nine lithological groups

A new terrestrial analogue for Martian volcanism: An unexpected match for the shergottite meteorites

Staddon et al.

Petrogenesis and isotope systematics of augite-rich Martian meteorite Northwest Africa (NWA) 13467

Hammett et al.

Formation conditions of type B Calcium-Aluminium-rich inclusions in CV chondrites - Comparing natural CAIs and experimental analogues

Darling et al.

Accessory mineral U-Th-Pb chronology of late Amazonian magmatism recorded by enriched Shergottites

Suttle et al.

Geological history of the Winchcombe meteorite - a new CM chondrite fall

Daly et al.

A coordinated approach to investigate the heterogeneity of aqueous alteration in the Winchcombe meteorite, a CM fall

Genge et al.

The fusion crust of the Winchcombe meteorite: Vigorous degassing during atmospheric entry

Martin et al.

Calcium-aluminium-rich inclusion populations within the Winchcombe CM2 meteorite breccia

Greenwood et al.

Cr, Cd, Si, Te, Ti, Zn and O-isotope composition of the Winchcombe (CM2) meteorite