MetSoc 2019 - Sapporo, Japan

The 82nd Annual Meeting of the Meteoritical SOciety

Jen and Natasha, along with Andy from Space Rocks Australia, all attended the annual meeting of the Meteoritical Society (aka 'MetSoc') in July 2019, hosted by the University of Sapporo, Japan.

Andy and Jen presented talks, discussing their recent work on Martian MIF-S and fO2 within diogenite meteorites respectively, whilst Natasha presented a poster on the group's efforts at classifying some of the Nullarbor meteorite finds.

Read the accepted abstracts for each presentation below:

Stephen et al.

Meteorites of the Nullarbor Plain

Mitchell & Tomkins
Compositional Diversity of Diogenites Linked to Variable fO2 and Complex Magmatism

Tomkins et al.

Mysteriously Missing Martian MIF-S