23414D (L3.6)

Classification led by Cesca Willcocks

This meteorite belongs to Monash University, Melbourne, Australia

This meteorite will possibly receive an official name of 'Ooldea ***' - to be confirmed by the Nomenclature Committee of the Meteoritical Society.

The type specimen (10.6 g) will be on deposit at the University of Monash, Australia

Type 3 ordinary chondrites

Type 3 ordinary chondrites are some of the most pristine meteorites within this group, and are often characterised by their neat, well defined chondrules.

23414D had an abundance of chondrules that ranged 0.2-2.3mm in size. There were lots of different chondrule types in this meteorite, including radial pyroxene (RP), barred olivine (BO) and porphyritic pyroxene (PP) chonrdules.

Layered element map of 23414D