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Space Rocks started in 2014 as a crowd-funding campaign to raise funds for our annual meteorite recovery expedition to the Nullarbor Plain, SW Australia. However, the team's story goes back further than this, and the space rocks themselves started their journeys long before! Follow us on our journey to explore the Solar System...

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Started at Monash University in Melbourne, Australia, Space Rocks is an international team of scientists investigating the origin & evolution of our Solar System using meteorites - those that we recover ourselves alongside others that are recovered globally.

Each year, we send a team of academics and students out into the wild to recover as many new meteorites as they can find. The team also respond to fireball alerts from camera networks and individual sightings. Since 2010, the team have recovered more than 250 new meteorites!

Space Rocks UK is the home of our British contingent, led by Dr Natasha Stephen, and features updates regarding our science, our meteorites, and our students...